Healthy back

Infrared sauna 30 min

Infrared sauna secret lies in a construction of special infrared emitters, which are located inside the sauna cabin so that they heat the intire human body. Emitted infrared waves heat the muscles and whole orgaism from the inside. This sauna gives the same feeling as the setting sun in a quiet evening. In the beginning of procedure blood starts to run faster through veins, after that the whole body start to perspire (temperature in the sauna is max 60 degrees). Poisons, heavy metals, salts, cholesterol and residual substances leave the body with sweat. During this procedure take place the whole body cleansing!

It is recommended to drink 2-3 glasses of water during this procedure. At the same time in infrared sauna there can be up to a 4 person. Duration 30 min

Classic massage 30 min

Classic massage is traditional and widely spread massage treatment, where is used hand massage technique. Massage has calming effect . Duration: 30 min
Honey massage  45 min

Honey massage for back exposes the skin to a natural humectant (honey), a substance that facilitates the retention of water. By moisturizing the skin, the honey massage helps the patient to feel healthier. At the same time the honey massage produces noticeable changes in the skin. It can transform the skin in two different ways. It can aid the removal of salts and toxins, and it can promote nourishment of the skin. On skin treated with a honey massage, wrinkles will disappear. If you has received a honey massage you will note that his or her skin demonstrates an increased elasticity. Duration of the treatment 45 min

Price for one person42 €