Almeda Clinic

Almeda Clinic has been established in the 1994 and specializes in outpatient surgery, body contouring by Smartlipo, treatment of varicose, orthopedics and proctologic treatment, using officially accepted medical methods. The Clinic has the latest generation of medical laser equipment. Procedures are conducted by Medical Doctors trained in the best medical centers in New-York, Frankfurt, Barcelona and Innsbruck. The Doctors permanently continue the self-education to keep abreast of the latest developments in the aesthetic and medical treatments.

Almeda clinic in Meresuu Spa & Hotel offers the fallowing procedures:

Medical consultation 

30,00 € / 469,40 ЕЕК

During the consultation the doctor will explain the purpose and methodology of the procedures. Determine the presence of contraindications, and help to choose the required procedure from the wide range of aesthetic and medical services Almeda Kliinik Beauty Institute has to offer. If necessary, make additional examinations.

Aesthetic services

Cosmetic ozone therapy

Treatment of stretch marks and scars

30,00 € / 469,40 ЕЕК

Stretch marks (striae) - a defect of the epidermis, substituted by connective tissue. Because of its restorative properties ozone stimulates metabolic processes in the connective tissues of stretch marks. Under the influence of ozone stretch marks begin to acquire the color of healthy skin and become denser. It means the formation of substances necessary for a full recovery of the epidermis has begun. The treatment course is carried out by subcutaneous injections of oxygen-ozone mixture in the region of stretch marks. One treatment session takes 10-60 minutes

Treatment of spider veins

30,00 € / 469,40 ЕЕК

Telangiectasia (spider veins) are visible bluish colored subcutaneous parts of the capillary network. Often, their presence on the skin of the face, neck, thighs, abdomen and other areas is a serious cosmetic problem. When oxygen-ozone mixture is administered in to the spider veins, it fills the entire vasculature of the telangiectasia. The result is a complete disappearance of spider veins. One treatment session takes 10-60 minutes.

Ozone therapy for cellulite reduction

55,00 € / 860,56 ЕЕК

According to the latest research the main reason of cellulite is a disturbance of microcirculation in the subcutaneous fat deposits. That’s why subcutaneous injections with oxygen-ozone mixture are an effective treatment method. When injected subcutaneously ozone is able to: improve microcirculation in the skin and subcutaneous fat deposits, contribute to converting persistent fat in less stable, easier to burn form, intensify the reaction of oxygen and release oxygen into the surrounding tissue, promote resorption of fibrous membranes surrounding the fat cells and “cellulite nodules”, due to fibrinolytic properties of ozone. Based on numerous clinical trials, ozone therapy is up to this day the most effective treatment for cellulite. One treatment session takes 40-50 minutes.

Non-surgical Ultrasound liposuction:

Cavitation (non-surgical liposuction) 

60,00 € / 938,80 ЕЕК

Cavitation (non-surgical liposuction) is based on the effect of a special combination of low-frequency ultrasound waves. Low-frequency ultrasonic waves cause the formation of micro bubbles in the fatty tissue. The content of the fat cell is liquefied and its size decreases.  90% of the decomposition residues of fat cells are derived through the lymphatic system; the remaining 10% are absorbed into the bloodstream.

During the procedure a special gel and ultrasonic handle are used to gently massage every cell of the subcutaneous fat layer. The gentle touch and relaxing massage make it a pleasant procedure for the patient. Duration of one session for an area of 25x25cm is 30-60 minutes. The first positive result is already visible after the first treatment session and during the first 7 days after the procedure, will become more pronounced.

Laser cosmetology

Laser treatment of skin lesions

Laser "vaporization“ of skin lesions can quickly and safely remove: condyloma, milia, xanthelasma, warts, spots, keratosis, and other benign skin lesions. The method is painless and leaves only a minimal mark on the patient's skin surface. The benefits of laser treatment: Controlled depth of influence, less damage to surrounding tissue, the lesion is removed precisely in its borders, no wounds that need closing, easy care after the procedure, minimal risk of complications

Face - minor from  150,00 € / 2 346,99 EEK / extended from 320,00 € / 5 006,91 EEK

Body and legs from 150,00 € / 2346,99 EEK

Laser treatment of spider veins 

During the treatment, a laser is applied to the skin over spider veins. Laser energy causes the spider veins to coagulate and shrink. The therapy is most effective for small and medium size spider veins. The integrity of the skin is not damaged, because no cuts or punctures are made. If necessary, laser sclerotherapy procedure is repeated until the complete disappearance of spider veins. Laser sclerotherapy is currently the only method to remove dilated blood vessels on the face and nose. One session lasts 20-60 minutes.

                                                                                                                                           Face, one session from - alates 55,00 € / 860,56 EEK 2cm²

Legs, one session from - alates 50,00 € / 782,33 EEK 2cm²

Other areas, one session from - alates 45,00 € / 704,10 EEK 2cm²

Laser scar reduction

Laser removes a shallow layer of skin to obtain a more natural-looking skin layer, which heals over time to minimize scar appearance. The procedure is carried out fast and with precise depth control and is able to reduce or remove most scars from keloids to stretch marks. One session takes 20-60 minutes.

From 50,00 € / 782,33 EEK 1cm²

Medical treatments

Ozone therapy

Intramuscular injection of ozone-oxygen  mixture 

15,00 € / 234,70 ЕЕК

Intramuscular injections of the ozone-oxygen mixture are made in the inflamed and sore muscles and quickly remove the pain, inflammation, swelling and muscle spasms, improve microcirculation and lymph flow. One session takes 10 -30 minutes.

Periarticular injection of ozone mixture

15,00 € / 234,70 ЕЕК

Periarticular injections of ozone-oxygen mixture reduce pain and inflammation in the joints, increase the range of motion in joints and eliminate stiffness. One session takes 10-30 minutes.

Minor autohemotherapy

30,00 € / 469,40 ЕЕК

Minor autohemotherapy with ozone-oxygen mixture is used against various forms of allergic conditions, pyoderma, furunculosis, frequent colds as an effective immunostimulatory agent. The method is simple, without complications and has significant efficacy. One session takes 10-30 minutes.

Rectal insufllation

20,00 € / 312,93 ЕЕК

Rectal insufllation of ozone-oxygen mixture is used as a local anti-inflammatory and disinfectant, normalizing the composition of intestinal microflora. The procedure has a systemic impact on the patient’s body and contributes to the correction of various metabolic disorders. The method is simple, effective, completely replaces the intravenous introduction of ozone. One session takes 15-20 minutes.


Medical tests

Blood and urine tests

15,02 € / 235 ЕЕК

Electrocardiography (EKG) with automatic response

20,00 € / 312,93 ЕЕК


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