Like life itself, Phytomer originates from the sea – an ultimate source of energy, balance and well-being. Based on that knowledge, Phytomer has been able to create a unique beauty philosophy, stemming from the harmony between a man and the nature, the water, and the sea. This concept accommodates all the varied needs presented by range of different lifestyles.
Phytomer opens the door to the cosmetics of the future, a new cosmetology that provides safe and healthy skin care for beauty that is more natural and real and through that door your will step into the renowned and esteemed universe of “Sea Beauty”.

Each face and body treatment begins with an immersion phase. This marine-focused phase helps ease away tension and relax the customer. As the first step, the self-heating marine mud - active, bubbling foam, awakens the senses of reflex zones during the entire treatment. It releases heat and thousands of micro-bubbles that delicately caress the back. The heat relaxes tense areas of the body and the sea algae helps to detoxify the skin.
The sense of well-being of the treatment is further enhanced by the spraying of ‘marine mist’, a pinch of sea lavender and soft music from the depths of the ocean to complete the immersion. At the end of each and every treatment, a re-mineralising Oligomer cocktail is served to the customer to replenish their system for the rest of the day.

All Phytomer body treatments use an exclusive procedure – a unique Reflexothermal Method that combines marine ingredients and original application techniques. By stimulating the body’s reflex zones (back, feet, and hands), the Reflexothermal Method helps to eliminate signs of stress and tension to improve the customer’s receptiveness to the treatments. This holistic treatment approach combines well-being for the body and mind for greater beauty and serenity. All Phytomer products containing sea algae extracts combined with Oligomer, have toning, firming, moisturising, contouring or any other expected impact to certain area of the body. Each treatment begins with soothing immersion phase and ends with total relaxation and healthy Oligomer cocktail.

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