Fish SPA

Fish therapy is the benefit of modern technology and natural medicine union!

Fish SPA procedure with Garra Rufa fish – is unique and exotic beauty procedure.

Magical Garra Rufa fish effectively relieve stress and fatigue. Significantly improve the overall human condition. Garra Rufa fish remove “dead” skin cells and massage the energetically active points. Skin is cleansed and rejuvenated. It is a completely safe and painless procedure. The result is – softer, smoother skin that has been exfoliated by the nibbling.

 Fish SPA procedure includes:

Absolutely safe and painless procedure;

- Antiseptic effect, the removal of swelling and fatigue;

- Massage and cleansing of the skin;

- Improvement of blood circulation, peeling and pedicure;

- Anti-inflammatory effect due to enzyme found in the saliva of the fish (Dithranol, Anthralin).

Arm peeling, 20 min (for one person)10 €
Foot peeling, 20 min (for one person)                                      16 €

Foot peeling, 20 min (for two persons)         

25 € 


More information: +372 58057607 and +372 3579650