Treatments for children

Light SPA massage for children

15 €

This is is a light version of traditional classic massage. Massage has tone effect, improves blood pressure and soothes. Not recommended for children under 3 y.o. Duration 20 min
Massage bath with milk13 €

Massage bath with coco milk is a relaxing bath treatment for children. Vitamin E and sea minerals soften and moisturize
children skin. Treatment is not recommended under the age of 3 y.o. Children should be accompanied with parents during a treatment.

Duration 20 min

SPA manicure for children

15 €

Children's manicure is an instructive treatment for the smallest guests of wellness center. During the treatment children's hands, nails and cuticula will be taken care of.  Your child will like aromatic exfoliant with a smell of chocolate, cacao or green tea. The treatment is finished with the appliance of hand cream to hands. In a case of parents' consent nails will be polished. Not recommended for children under 3 y.o. Duration 20 min

SPA pedicure for children

20 €

OPI spa pedicure is very light and easy treatment for children under 13. Treatment starts with purifying and moisturizing foot bath with a touch of green tree and herbal extracts. After a relaxing bath the nails will get their beauty and feet will get their softness by rubbing with sweet sugar crystals scrubber. The treatment ends by moisturizing with fruit cream and colouring nails with bright and fun colours. Duration 30 min