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Guinot facial care according to the skin type 60 min 59€   /  

Quick and efficient care (for a dry, sensitive or sebaceous skin type) in the course of which your face gets a thorough exfoliation, and a mask suitable personally to you is applied on the skin. The cream will balance the needs of your skin. The treatment is finished by a special face and eye area cream. The result is the skin beaming with vitality and freshness.

Relaxing facial care with massage 30 min 37€   /  

A relaxing facial care with massage is invigorating for everyone who wants to restore beautiful, radiant and elastic skin. The facial massage stimulates blood and lymph circulation and improves skin metabolism and oxygenation. The treatment consists of the cleansing and toning of face as well as the massage for face, neck and décolleté. At the end, suitable face cream is applied on the skin.

New! Guinot DÉTOXYGÈNE Reoxygenating Detoxifying Treatment 60 min 94€   /  

This pleasant and relaxing facial effectively removes pollution and toxins from skin while stimulates cellular respiration. Treat yourself with this facial whenever you wish for glowing skin and to enjoy reoxygenating and blissful massage. Massage, accompanied with aromas of jasmine, peach and rose, is specially designed for this treatment to help stimulate microcirculation and increase the oxygen uptake of the skin.
The Pro-Oxygen Detoxifying Mask contains green clay from France, Velay Auvergne, which acts as a pollution magnet to pick up and eliminate pollution particles from the skin.
Immediately after the Treatment, the skin is radiant, and the complexion is luminous. The skin breathes and is fresh again!

Guinot hydrating facial care "Hydra summum" 60 min 94€   /  

Discover Hydra Summum – the ultimate fountain of hydration for your skin facial treatment designed to awaken and revitalize your skin. Guinot’s new method combines carefully selected cutting-edge technology with luxurious ingredients. With its highly concentrated hyaluronic acid formula, Hydra Summum has opened a new era in skincare. It fills the skin like “filler”with moisture, providing intense hydration from within, giving your skin a plump, radiant, and youthful appearance.
Indulge in the pampering experience as our skilled professionals perform the rejuvenating Hydra Summum treatment and feel the rich, velvety texture as it envelopes your skin. Hydra Summum works its magic, providing long-lasting hydration that brings out the best version of your skin.
Treat yourself to the luxury you deserve!

Guinot rejuvenating facial care "Age summum" 60 min 94€   /  

The Age Summum treatment is ideal for women who wish to feel younger. This luxurious face treatment is like a journey to the land of pleasure. In the course of the treatment you receive several massages and a mask which provide valuable active substances to the skin. Each consecutive product remains in the skin, it is not removed from the face which gives a possibility for the effective substances to influence the skin longer and achieve maximum result. Less than in an hour, the looks of the face, neck and décolleté is younger by several years, the finest wrinkles are smoothened; the skin is radiant and smooth as silk.

Guinot Hydradermie Lift Deluxe facial care 105 min 94€   /  

A comprehensive luxurious treatment, combining deep cleansing and moisturizing Hydradermie and Hydra Lift which lift face contours. Your face, eye area, neck, décolleté and hands are treated. The care with instant effect cleanses, moisturizes and tightens the skin, making it clear and silky soft. The face lifts significantly, the skin of eye area and neck is firm. It is perfect for special occasions (wedding, birthday, festive gathering, etc.) when an instant effect is required. Contra-indications: metal implantations in the body, pacemaker and pregnancy.

Guinot Hydradermie Spa Plus facial care 75 min 75€   /  

An extremely efficient moisturizing care that cleanses the skin thanks to mild ionization deeper in the skin, treating every pore in the face and neck. The skin is thoroughly moisturized and filled with active substances, helping to renew. During this treatment special serums and gels are used that are chosen taking into account the needs of your skin. The treatment is finished with a relaxing massage and the application of masks and creams suitable to your skin. In addition to the face and neck, the décolleté and eye area are also treated. The relaxing massage, efficient mask and face cream leave the skin wonderfully fresh and beautifully radiant. Contra-indications: metal implantations bodies, pacemaker and pregnancy.

Guinot Hydralift facial care 60 min 65€   /  

The care tightening the face and neck muscles, recovers the tonicity and tension of muscles through mild micro current. At the initial stage of the care, the lymphatic circulation is stimulated in order to remove excess liquid and toxins from the tissues, thus brightening the complexion and decreasing swelling. The stimulation of muscles effected after that demonstrably tightens face contours and activates the cell activity of the skin. The treatment is finished by a relaxing massage and the application of suitable masks and creams. Contra-indications: metal implantations in the body, pacemaker and pregnancy.

Guinot Hydralift Eyes 40 min 44€   /  

A special care for eye area that concentrates on eye area and relieves three problems of eye area that are connected to age and fatigue. After the treatment, the skin of the eye area looks fresher, healthier and smoother. Contra-indications: metal implantations in the body, pacemaker and pregnancy.

Guinot Hydradermie "Age logic" 60 min 71€   /  

A luxurious and super-efficient rejuvenating care where special attention is paid to face, eye area, neck and décolleté. A specific serum-gel is used that literally turns back the logic of your skin’s ageing. A relaxing massage and an efficient mask and face cream recover the juvenility and beautiful brightness of the skin. Contra-indications: metal implantations in the body, pacemaker and pregnancy.

Tinting of eyelashes 9€   /  

Tinting of eyebrows 9€   /  

Correction of eyebrows 9€   /