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Good Practice of the Sauna Centre

Please observe the Good Practice rules and the spa holiday of you and your companions will be enjoyable and perfect.

  • Be friendly! Be considerate towards other visitors and be attentive regarding both adults and children!
  • Visitors are at the Sauna Centre at their own responsibility. Children up to 14 years can visit the Sauna Centre only together with a grown-up.
  • Please do not leave the locker key and valuable belongings unattended. Meresuu is not responsible for unattended belongings.

When getting the wristband necessary for entering the Sauna Centre, you confirm as a visitor that you are aware of the principles of Good Practice of the Sauna Centre and you oblige to follow them.

Before entering the Sauna Centre

  • A lady/gentleman respecting herself/himself has a shower, taking off the swimsuit for the time of washing.
  • When leaving the washing room, the visitor of the Sauna Centre disinfects the feet with a special jet.
  • If you have long hair, we recommend a swimming cap or the hair must be properly tied.

In the Sauna Centres, will you pay attention to the following

  • Meresuu Sauna Centre is meant for enjoyment and relaxation. Jumping into water and loud conversations do not belong to the Good Practice of the Sauna Centre.
  • Please move peacefully and do not run.
  • The principle of right-hand traffic is observed in the swimming pools.
  • In the sauna, use your towel for sitting on the bench.
  • When you sprinkle water on the hot rocks, do it moderately rather than too much, and only on dry rocks.
  • When coming out of the sauna, be sure to have a shower.
  • Dry yourself after the sauna or pool and before entering the changing room.
  • In the Sauna Centre, it is not allowed to bring and consume your own food and drinks.
  • When leaving the Sauna Centre, please return the rented towel and bathrobe.
  • The guests who are in the state of intoxication or do not observe the principles of Good Practice are not allowed to the Meresuu Sauna Centre.

Meresuu SPA wishes you and your companions a pleasant spa holiday!