In this effort, we kindly ask for your cooperation as well.

 - To protect an environment Meresuu Spa & Hotel separates waste. We kindly ask you to put household rubbish to the recycle bin, paper and cardboard please leave on the table’s edge. Empty bottles and packagigng leave please next to the recycle bin. Electric batteries give please to the reception. 
-  By water and electricity saving we are trying to make the hotel operation more ecological. Do not forget to remove and take with you a door card leaving the room. This will keep electrical devices switched off while you are away. Please do not forget to turn off water leaving the room. 
-  Please help us protecting the environment by avoiding unnecessary laundry. Please leave the towels that you think they need to be washed in the bath tube. If you leave towels on the rack we understand you want to use them again.

Here in Estonia, we want to preserve our beautiful nature – for us, our children and of course for you – our guests.

We wish you a pleasant stay at Meresuu!