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Special offers from World of Beauty and Health

Lymphastim – pressotherapy ~30 min
Special offer 16 € (regular price 20 €)
This is a state-of -art device that effects mechanical pressure on tissues and, as the result of this, excess liquid is drained out of the tissue. The lymphatic and blood vessels are influenced with compressed air that is transmitted through cuffs.

Wine bath 15 min
Special offer 16 € (regular price 20 €)
Helps to keep the skin young and smooth, neutralizes free radicals, tightens and models the skin, relieves you from stress.

Calming massage treatment with lava stones 60 min
Special offer 42,40 € (regular price 53 €)
The lava stone massage helps to reduce both mental and physical tension, as well as sleep disorders, muscle and joint pain, to improve blood circulation and achieve mental balance. Stress and fatigue will decrease, skin will be soft and pleasant. In the process of the lava stone massage, the stone and manual massage are connected with the energy centres or chakras of the body and chakras are also influenced. The whole body is massaged with hot lava stones and stones are kept on certain points in order to recover the balance between different body areas and eliminate muscular tension. The care has a relaxing and balancing effect on the whole body.

Chocolate massage 60 min
Special offer 40 € (regular price 50 €)
Chocolate massage is a real relaxation that leaves the skin scented with a tempting aroma. This massage is suitable for anyone who wants to escape stress and be pampered. Chocolate contains caffeine and polyphenol from the cocoa beans that improve the skin shape, nourish, moisturizes and gives tone to the skin. Scientific studies prove chocolate’s stimulating effects on endorphins, so called “happiness hormones” formation. Chocolate massage is a pleasure for all the senses.

Guinot facial care according to the skin type 60 min
Special offer 40 € (regular price 50 €)
Quick and efficient care (for a dry, sensitive or sebaceous skin type) in the course of which your face gets a thorough exfoliation, and a mask suitable personally to you is applied on the skin. The cream will balance the needs of your skin. The treatment is finished by a special face and eye area cream. The result is the skin beaming with vitality and freshness.

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