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Special offers from World of Beauty and Health

Relaxing back care 45 min
Special offer 32 €
(regular price 40 €)
The aim of the treatment is to offer instant relaxation. Perfect relaxation is offered by a self-warming mud mask that promotes the decrease of muscular tension and stimulates the nerve endings on the backbone, giving energy for the entire body. After the treatment, general tonicity has improved and muscular tension has disappeared.

Body treatment with Bali massage 60 min
Special offer 48 € (regular price 60 €)
The treatment begins with a whole body peeling with natural brown sugar from Carribean islands. Pleasant vanilla aroma from the sugar scrub pampers your senses, while sweet almond oil and vitamin E leaves the skin silky smooth. The peeling is followed by an exclusive Bali massage with warm aromatherapy oil. The special massage technique releases muscle tension, relaxes your mind and restores true harmony.

Milk bath 15 min
Special offer 16 € (regular price 20 €)
Natural milk in the form of silky froth pampers the skin with unbelievable tenderness. Milk proteins and sea collagen moisturise and nourish skin and combined with a pleasantly faint aroma of vanilla it fills your senses with calmness and satisfaction. Milk froth restores the harmony of body, mind and soul, unveiling the secret of Cleopatra’s beauty. The treatment also relieves stress and moisturises and nourishes skin with additional nutrients.

Lymphastim – pressotherapy ~30 min
Special offer 16 € (regular price 20 €)
This is a state-of -art device that effects mechanical pressure on tissues and, as the result of this, excess liquid is drained out of the tissue. The lymphatic and blood vessels are influenced with compressed air that is transmitted through cuffs.


Guinot facial care according to the skin type 60 min
Special offer 40 € (regular price 50 €)
Quick and efficient care (for a dry, sensitive or sebaceous skin type) in the course of which your face gets a thorough exfoliation, and a mask suitable personally to you is applied on the skin. The cream will balance the needs of your skin. The treatment is finished by a special face and eye area cream. The result is the skin beaming with vitality and freshness.

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