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Restaurant Meloodia Menu


Meresuu bite for two EUR 14
(prawns in kataifi-dough, marinated lampreys, herring tartare, beet chips, salted salmon with cucumber, creamy mushrooms)
Steak tartare (L) EUR 12.00
Lightly salted salmon–avocado tartare with cream cheese and a crispy baguette EUR 11
Head chef’s selection of cheeses for two (V) EUR 11
Crispy chicken wings EUR 5.50
Handcrafted cheese balls (V) EUR 6
Lapland cheese quesadillas (V) EUR 9
Marinated Narva-Jõesuu lampreys EUR 7


Warm goat cheese salad with roasted beets and pine seeds (V) EUR 8.50
Caesar salad with chicken fillet / lightly salted salmon EUR 6.50 / EUR 7.50
Crispy quail wings with a creamy quail meat–potato salad EUR 8
Roasted lamprey salad EUR 7


Beef borscht EUR 5.50
Creamy fish soup made from seasonal fish EUR 5
Purée soup made from seasonal vegetables with smoked cheese foam and roasted seeds (V) possible (L) EUR 4



Pasta carbonara EUR 8
Creamy chicken-mushroom pasta with sun-dried tomatoes EUR 8
Overcooked pelmeni in smoked cheese sauce EUR 6




Grilled beef burger with steakhouse fries EUR 11
Creamy beet-chanterelle risotto with Old Saare cheese (V) EUR 7.50
Gilt-head bream with baked vegetables (V) EUR 16
Chicken fillet with warm cauliflower-couscous salad and orange-white wine sauce (L) EUR 13
Grilled pork neck cutlet with overbaked mashed potatoes and mushroom sauce EUR 13
Grilled Uruguay marbled steak with mashed potatoes and red wine sauce EUR 19


Chocolate fondant with rhubarb jam and ice cream (V) EUR 6.50
Crème brûlée with raspberry sauce EUR 6
Pavlova EUR 6
Fruit and berries blanched with orange liqueur in a honey-mint sauce EUR 5


V- vegan, L – lactose free