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Restaurant Meloodia Menu


Beet-carpaccio with goat cheese (GF) 4€
Courgette pancakes with salmon 6€
Vitello tonnato with marinated carrot, home-made mayonnaise and capers 7€
Beef carpaccio with hard cheese and rucola 8€
Marinated lampreys of Narva-Jõesuu 9€
Meresuu bite for two 16€


Vegetable salad with chickpeas and spicy sauce (LF, GF,V) 6€
Chicken Caesar salad 7€
Shrimp salad with cucumber and grapefruit (LF, GF) 8€
Tuna Fillet and avocado salad (LF, GF) 9€
Warm goat cheese salad with roasted beet and pine seeds (GF) 10€


Pureed parsnip soup with smoked duck fillet or vegetable chips (GF/ V) 4€
Borsch with duck meat (LF, GF) 5€
Seasonal fish soup (LF, GF) 6€


Whole grain spaghetti with green pesto and sun-dried tomatoes (LF, V) 6€
Pasta Carbonara 7€
Penne with chicken fillet and oyster mushrooms in a creamy sauce 7€
Tagliatelle with cockles and capers (LF) 8€



Grilled beef burger with onion marmalade and steakhouse potato (LF) 9€
Salmon fillet sous vide with potato gratin, vegetable salad and lemon sauce 11€
Grilled pork collar with over-cooked mashed potatoes and mushroom sauce 13€
Wild boar fillet with vegetable puree and boletus sauce 15€
Beef tenderloin sous vide with potato puree, vegetables and rosemary sauce 17€


Home-made ice cream 4€
Raspberry cheesecake with orange sauce 5€
Curd and pumpkin pancakes with cream cheese and pomegranate seeds 5€
Chocolate fondant with rhubarb ice cream and cherry sauce 6€


LF-lactose free, GF-gluten free, V-vegetarian