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Restaurant Meloodia Menu

Seasonal specials


Baked camembert with avocado-pear salad and hazelnut (G, V*) 8.00€
Buckwheat noodles with pork tenderloin in black bean sauce (G, L) 7.00€


North Sea prawns bisque (G) 4.50€
Tom yum soup with chicken breast (G, L) 5.00€
Tom yum soup with tiger shrimp (G, L) 6.50€


Veggie burger with green buckwheat and BBQ sauce (L, V*) 10.00€
Pan-fry duck breast with orange zest potato mash and cranberry jus (G) 14.00€
Cornish chicken breast with grandine pasta and baked tomatoes (L) 15.00€
Seabream baked with lime and thyme with pan fried artichoke and black olives (G, L) 16.00€


Warm apple tart with caramel and rhubarb 5.50€
Tender ricotta and pear cake with spicy sauce 5.50€


Menu à la carte


Garlic bread 3€
Crispy chicken wings 6€
Handmade cheesballs 6€


Beet-carpaccio with goat cheese (G) 5€
Courgette pancakes with salmon 6€
Beef carpaccio with hard cheese and rucola 8€
Marinated lampreys of Narva-Jõesuu 10€
Chicken mushroom julienne 6€


Spicy pumpkin salad with cranberries (G,L,V) 5€
Caesar salad with chicken or prawns (L) 7/8€


Soup of the day 3€
Seasonal fish soup (L,G) 6€


Spaghetti with forest mushrooms and green oil (V) 6€
Rice noodles with chicken or prawns 6/7€
Pasta Carbonara 7€



Classic beef burger medium rare (L) 10€
Baked salmon fillet with vegetable salad and tarragon sauce (G) 13€
Pork chop with backed vegetables (G,L) 13€
Beef tenderloin with mashed potato and wine sauce (G) 17€


Home-made ice cream 4€
Raspberry cheesecake with kumquat sauce 5€
Chocolate fondant with rhubarb ice cream and cherry sauce 6€


G – gluten free, L – lactose free, V – vegetarian, V* – vegan