Varaa huone

Ravintola Meloodia Menu


Garlic bread with garlic dip 5€
Cheese balls, pickled dip 7€
Chicken wings, pickled dip 9€
Snacks plate: (L) The Head Chef ’s personal selection of the best meat and fish bites (Perfect for two) 18€


Warm vegetable salad, trout, beetroot hummus (G,L) 8€
Caesar salad with chicken or shrimps 10€ / 12€
Tiger prawns, tomato sauce with herbs, ciabatta crumbs (L) 14€
Beef tartare (G,L) 16€


Pumpkin puree soup (V,G,L) 6€
Fish soup with trout and vegetables (G,L) 8€
Creamy pasta with smoked chicken 10€
Seafood pasta with pesto (L) 10€


Beef burger 12€
Pike perch fillet, cauliflower cream with Grana Padano cheese, bok choy, mussel sauce (G) 16€
Duck breast fillet, carrot, red wine sauce (G) 20€
Beef tenderloin, potato gratin with smoked cheese, sunchoke (G) 24€
Lamb meat souse vide, beluga lentils, eggplant mousse, tomato confit (G) 28€


Homemade sorbet selection, ask waiter 5€
Pumpkin-marzipan cake, cream from baked apples, vanilla cardamom ice 6€
Chocolate fondant, cranberry coulis, Turkish yogurt sorbet 7€


L-laktoositon, V- vegetaarinen, G-gluteeniton