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Sauna rituals

A sauna ritual is a real delicacy both for body and mind, taking your thoughts away from everyday worries. Our sauna masters take care of a pleasant atmosphere during a sauna ritual, making it an exclusive and unforgettable experience! Sauna rituals take place every day. Regularly held steam bath and salt sauna rituals are included in the price of the visit to the center visits.


Ceremonies are held

Monday – Sunday
15:00 Whisking Ritual in wood-heated Black sauna
16:00 Salt ritual in Salt sauna
17:00 Whisking Ritual in wood-heated Black sauna
18:00 Aroma ritual in the wood-heated White sauna
19:00 Whisking Ritual in wood-heated Black sauna
20:00 Relax ritual in in the wood-heated White sauna
21:00 Whisking Ritual in wood-heated Black sauna

Rituals in the salt sauna

Rituals including body cares with exfoliation are held in the salt sauna. The treatment makes the skin softness, new vitality and shine. Salt and the mixture of organic oils are used to peel the body. Salt removes dead cells from the skin. Oil has a nourishing, cleansing and softening effect. A natural body peel is a magnificent energiser for every skin type.

Shea ritual

Relaxing ritual in salt and steam sauna, where we use shea butters magical effects, taking you back in time, to ancient Africa. Ritual is perfect for anyone, who want to boost their body and mind.

Whisking Ritual

Whisking rituals are held in wood-heated Black sauna on the terrace. For lots of visitors, the steam bath is the highlight of sauna, others want to leave quickly. Be our guest at the sauna sessions where the temperature fluctuation invigorates blood vessels and stimulates the body’s natural resistance.  The treatment also helps to get rid of residues in the body, it soothes and invigorates the body. Come and enjoy the extraordinary experience in the world of heat, ice and aromatherapy.

Aroma ritual

Aroma rituals take place in wood-heated White sauna on the terrace. In that ritual we use different aromas, what boost you body and mind, in different ways. During the ritual we also offer variety of cooling elements. This ritual is meant for You if you wish to distance from everyday problems and relax in aroma world.