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Guinot Facial “Hydra Peeling”

Skin friendly alternative to aesthetic medicine chemical peels. This treatment is based on a deep and rejuvenating peeling with phytic acid, which significantly diminish signs of aging, appearance of brown spots and brightens a skin. The results are immediately visible. After peeling phase follows regenerative steps for the skin, during which skin specialist will lull your skin with relaxing massage and mask for face. The massage serum contains Dermostimuline for stimulating cell renewal. After massage, the cooling mask with poria cocosa is applied. It is well renowned in Japan for its soothing and healing properties. The treatment results in a fresher and younger looking skin. Duration 60 min.

Special offer 75 € (regular price 89 €)

Mango body treatment

Moisturising body treatment will smooth and nourishes the skin. As a result, it will achieve well-nourished, gently perfumed and silky skin. The treatment begins with a body scrub, followed by the application of an aromatic beeswax-mango mask with natural ingredients. It will improve the softness and elasticity of the skin. Final step is a light massage with moisturizing cream. Duration 60 min.

Special offer 45 € (regular price 55 €)

Guinot DÉTOXYGÈNE – Reoxygenating Detoxifying Treatment

This pleasant and relaxing facial effectively removes pollution and toxins from skin while stimulates cellular respiration. Treat yourself with this facial whenever you wish for glowing skin and to enjoy reoxygenating and blissful massage. Massage, accompanied with aromas of jasmine, peach and rose, is specially designed for this treatment to help stimulate microcirculation and increase the oxygen uptake of the skin.
The Pro-Oxygen Detoxifying Mask contains green clay from France, Velay Auvergne, which acts as a pollution magnet to pick up and eliminate pollution particles from the skin. Immediately after the Treatment, the skin is radiant, and the complexion is luminous. The skin breathes and is fresh again! Duration 60 min.

Special offer 75 € (regular price 89 €)

Relaxing back care

The aim of the treatment is to offer instant relaxation. Perfect relaxation is offered by a self-warming mud mask that promotes the decrease of muscular tension and stimulates the nerve endings on the backbone, giving energy for the entire body. After the treatment, general tonicity has improved and muscular tension has disappeared. Duration 45 min.
Special offer 32 € (regular price 40 €)

Lymphastim – pressotherapy

This is a state-of -art device that effects mechanical pressure on tissues and, as the result of this, excess liquid is drained out of the tissue. The lymphatic and blood vessels are influenced with compressed air that is transmitted through cuffs. Duration ~30 min.
Special offer 16 € (regular price 20 €)

Milk bath

Natural milk in the form of silky froth pampers the skin with unbelievable tenderness. Milk proteins and sea collagen moisturise and nourish skin and combined with a pleasantly faint aroma of vanilla it fills your senses with calmness and satisfaction. Milk froth restores the harmony of body, mind and soul, unveiling the secret of Cleopatra’s beauty. The treatment also relieves stress and moisturises and nourishes skin with additional nutrients. Duration 15 min.
Special offer 16 € (regular price 20 €)