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Health services, tests and consultations

Meresuu SPA & Hotel reserves the right to change the price list.

Treatment type Price / Membership price

Doctor’s consultation 15 min 25€   /   22,50€

Issuing a prescription 5€   /   4,50€

Electrocardiography 21€   /   18,90€

Blood sugar test from capillary blood 6€   /   5,40€

Cholesterol test from capillary blood 6€   /   5,40€

Kinesio taping 19€   /   17,10€

The price includes the cost of the tape

At kinesio taping, a physiotherapist uses a special tape that is fixed on problematic body area. Kinesio tape lifts the upper layer of skin from the connective tissue or fascia, this way lessening the pressure on nerves and easing pain. Whether the aim is to ease joint-muscle pain, promote or stabilize their activity/function (the range and strength of mobility) or enhance the flow of lymph and reduce swelling, different methods of applying the tape are used. Kinesio taping is also used to prevent the proliferation of excessive scar tissue and to decrease the scar tissue.

How does K-tape help?

Kinesio tape prevents muscular fatigue, makes a weak muscle work, avoids over-stretches or contractions, avoids muscle cramps, relieves pain, reduces inflammation, decreases swelling, and accelerates the healing of scar tissue and wounds.

Kinesio taping helps in case of muscle and joint pain, lymphatic swelling, proliferation of scar tissue, and also during the period after the trauma or operation. In case of sports traumas, tapes advance the recovery of an overburdened muscle or the recovery from an injury.