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Heat therapy

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Parafango application 20 min 18€  

Parafango is the mixture of paraffin and sea mud which is rich in minerals. Warming parafango application is put on a problematic area (for example, on painful shoulders or joint), then the person is left to relax. The parafango application has a sedative and anti-inflammatory effect, suiting well to relieve the pain of chronic muscle and joint discomforts.

Mud application 20 min 18€  

The mud of Käina Bay in Hiiumaa is used in mud therapy. The therapy mud is rich in various biologically active ingredients, minerals and metals. The therapy mud is highly valued thanks to the concentration of humines that slow the wear of joints and decrease the activity of rheumatic inflammations. In lesions, mud therapy favours the absorption of swelling, relaxes muscles, reduces pain and inflammation. Mud therapy may temporarily exasperate inactive chronic diseases, but this way it accelerates recovery.

The treatments are effected as applications, it means mud wraps warmed to 45 degrees are applied on the area that needs therapy. Mud treatments are effected once a day every day or every other day. The recommendable therapy course of treatments consists of 10–15 treatments.

The main indication of mud therapy: the diseases of joints, vertebra and muscles-tendons as well as traumas, scars, joint stiffness, eczema, psoriasis.

Mud therapy cannot be used in the following cases: all acute inflammatory processes, the phase of the intensification of a disease, malignant tumours, myoma of uterus or fibromyoma, ovary cyst, all kinds of blood diseases, bleedings and the disposition to bleeding, manifested cardiac insufficiency, high blood pressure, pregnancy.

Before mud therapy you have to consult a doctor!

Warming paraffin gloves 20 min 18€