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For future mothers

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in ta woman’s life when the body needs special care and attention. We have collected here the choice of suitable treatments and it is possible to adapt these according to your wish.

Treatments help to relieve muscular tension and swelling, offer relaxation and energize the senses. Massages and body cares can be performed if the health of a future mother is good and the course of pregnancy is normal. In case of health disorders a future mother has to consult a doctor.



Treatment type Price

Relaxing massage 30 min 33€  

The massage relaxes muscular tension and improves the blood circulation. The effect on the skin, the dermis and muscles is either relaxing or toning up depending on the used method. The massage improves the blood circulation of tissues, promotes metabolism. The massage is used in case of muscular tension, sleep disorders, also to relieve stress. A skilfully performed massage relaxes and makes the woman feel good. The massage is contra-indicated in case of high blood pressure, varicose veins, an acute skin disease or fever.

Moisturizing body treatment 60 min 63€  

The body exfoliation with sea salt crystals combined with a relaxing body massage for a quick beauty treatment which leaves your skin soft and silky.

Relaxing facial care 30 min 39€  

A relaxing facial care with massage is invigorating for everyone who wants to restore beautiful, radiant and elastic skin. The facial massage stimulates blood and lymph circulation and improves skin metabolism and oxygenation. The treatment consists of facial cleansing and toning, massage for face, neck and décolleté. At the end, suitable face cream is applied on the skin.

Refreshing foot treatment 30 min 36€  

The treatment consisting of foot massage and wrap soothes and revitalizes tired feet. Including the exfoliation, a cooling wrap and light massage up to knees, the treatment is ideal in case of the disorders of blood circulation of feet and it offers instant relief to tired and uneasy feet. The result –less noticeable capillaries and visibly smoother skin.