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Treatments for children

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Treatment type Price

Children package with 2 treatments 20€  

Choice of treatments:

  • massage 20 min
  • sun room (SAD light therapy) 20 min
  • salt chamber 30 min
  • inhalation 10 min
  • oxygen cocktail
  • local light therapy Bioptron 10 min

Milk bath 15 min 16€  

The coconut milk bath is a relaxing bath care for your small sweetheart. Vitamin E and mineral salts in the bath water have a softening and moisturizing effect on the gentle skin of your child. The bath care is meant for the children from 3 years who come to a treatment with a parent.

Sea salt bath 15 min 16€  

The salt bath is a sea water treatment that pampers your child’s health and wellness. The bath care is meant for the children from 3 years who come to a treatment with a parent.

Children’s spa manicure "Nails into order" 20 min 16€  

“Nails into order” is an instructive hand care for small children in the course of which the  child’s nails and cuticles are cared for and moisturizing cream is applied on the hands. If the parents agree, nail polish is applied according to the wish. Recommended from 3 years.

Children’s spa pedicure “First steps” 30 min 21€  

The spa feet care of children is a light wellness care treating feet. The treatment is started with a soak for feet, containing green tea and herbal infusions, which cleans and softens the skin. Then the feet are treated and exfoliated with a sweet sugar crystal scrub. In the end, the feet are creamed with moisturizing fruit or berry cream and, if required, bright-coloured nail polish is applied. The care is suitable for the children up to 13 years.

Children’s massage 20 min 21€  

A tender massage for the body that gives the first experience of wonderful spa world. The children’s massage with luxurious massage oil offers a true spa experience to our little customers. 100% natural massage oil includes plentifully active substances that nourish a child’s skin. The massage is suitable for the children from 3 years.

Chocolate massage 20 min 22€  

Massage with the taste of candy, gives you a good mood and makes your muscles really strong.