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Body composition analysis

Would you like to know the biological age of your body? Do you know how much your muscles weigh, and how muscles and fat are distributed on your arms, legs and trunk?

Jawon ioi 353 body analyser provides all this information and more, from basic data (weight, height, etc.) to more specific indicators (muscle mass, fat %, biological age, etc.). The results are 99% accurate and the recommended figures are WHO (World Health Organization) compliant. In addition to the above-mentioned information, Jawon displays the basal metabolic rate and the daily recommended calorie intake.

The test will tell you: your body’s biological age, your fat percentage and the distribution on fat on different body parts, your fat-free weight, your basal metabolic rate and daily recommended calorie intake, instructions for weight change.

If the proportion of weight, fat %, height and muscles in the body is not balanced according to recommendations, Jawon proposes a guide for weight change. It displays the recommended change in the daily calorie intake, as well as the needed increase in energy consumption through exercise. Jawon ioi 353 gives an overview of your body composition indicators, providing information and a positive impulse for exercise and diet.




Recommendations for an optimally accurate measurement

  • Perform the measurement approximately 3-4 hours after a meal
  • Avoid consuming diuretics (e.g. coffee and energy drinks) before the measurement (approximately 4 hours)
  • Drink 2 glasses of water about 2 hours before the measurement
  • Avoid exercise, sauna or other activities that cause excessive sweating at least 4 hours before the measurement
  • Avoid consuming alcohol at least 24 hours before the measurement

Price and booking

  • Price of body composition analysis: 10 € (for club members), regular price 12 €
  • Book your body composition analysis by Natalja Song’s e-mail: or Aleksandra Zaitseva +372 5694 2351.
  • The analysis plus the trainer’s consultation takes 15 minutes and is carried out in the diagnostics room of the gym.

The results of the analysis will be recorded electronically in the special programme “BODYPASS”. If requested, individual date can be printed on paper.

We enter into the programme only those people who are the members of the Sports Club or participate in projects.