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Group trainings

Les Mills GRIT Strength

An interval training lasting for 30 minutes enhancing muscular strength. Bars, weights and a step bench are used to work out. If you want to have a quick result by workout, an interval training, where your pulse frequency is high, is just the right choice.




Les Mills  BodyPump

The training programme for enhancing muscular endurance. Bars, discs and dumb-bells are used to perform exercises (squats, lunges, push-ups, etc.). All bigger muscle groups are treated during the workout. You will get more strength as well as muscle endurance while working out to enchanting music. As the training is emotional and exciting, you perform numerable repetitions, not noticing it, and achieve better and better results if you are persistent.


The first part of the workout concentrates on the maximum load of gluteal muscles, the second part – abdominal muscles. The complex training is based on muscle endurance exercise and functional exercise where we use different aids. The calorie consumption of the training is bigger than the average, it also gives good load on gluteal and abdominal muscles and raises endurance.



Circuit training

A group training where after light warm-up functional exercises are performed to enhance muscle endurance, using gym equipment, bars, dumb-balls, fit-balls, bosu balls, medicine balls and other aids. Through functional circuit training, in addition to muscle endurance, you also enhance balance, coordination, mobility and aerobic ability, you perform various jumping exercises and improve the form of body muscles and, what’s most important – you are never bored while participating in a circuit training!


Tabata is a high-intensity interval training where intensive exercises vary with short rest breaks. The training lasts for 60 minutes, it promotes metabolism for the next 24 hours (thus it is an efficient fat burning training), it can raise the maximum ability of oxygen consumption more effectively than usual long aerobic trainings, it improves athletic performance ability and helps with the enhancement of willpower. Tabata does not suit you if you have too high blood pressure or the predisposition to infarct/stroke.


Les Mills BodyAttack

The endurance training is inspired by different athletics exercises such as knee raise and several jumps and movements, and it develops speed, strength and endurance. At the training the instructor shows both easier and harder exercise versions. If you work out properly, you may burn up to 700 calories!





The muscle training that has effect on both big and small muscles. Ordinary strength exercises are combined at the training. The aim of the functional training is to improve the cooperation between all the body muscles. First of all, it is useful in our everyday life, for example, when lifting a bag from the ground. Functional training treats at the same time both big and small muscle groups; when making movements, teaches to feel your body better; the improvement of body feeling and balance helps to avoid injuries due to falling; preserves normal joint mobility reach as well as improves the cooperation between muscles and nerves.


Callanetics – a training that is based on yoga where most of the exercises are static. Graceful motions are highly effective and demand the work of micro muscles. The use of lots of muscle groups at the same time promotes metabolism, thanks to which the organism burns more calories, helping to lose weight.






The functional muscle endurance training with a special big ball that develops and improves balance and body feeling. A short warm-up is followed by a main part of the training where, in addition to bigger muscle groups, also smaller stabilisation muscles of the body are engaged. As a part of the body weight is leaned on the ball, the training is well suitable for those who are overweight, have joint diseases or just begin with work-out. The training is meant for everyone who wants a change from classical muscle training.



GYM – muscle training in the gym


The training where the technique and basic exercises of gymnastics are taught, using additional weights (bar, dumb-bells, etc.).





Aqua Gym

The training takes place in chest-deep water where it is important to have control over your body position and the work-up load is divided to all muscle groups. When moving in the water, the aim is to get as much resistance from water as possible and thus give the body bigger load. The pulse is lower in water which enables to train with more power and still stay in aerobic training phase. All muscles get the training load whereas the joints escape any concussions or strains.


The format of the training is playful and appealing. Children gladly take part in the training because the atmosphere is stress-free and the aerobic, developing and strength exercises correspond to their abilities. Each muscle group gets load equally.