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Good Practice of Sports Club

To make the trainings of you and your companions safe, effective and pleasant, please observe the following:

  • Be friendly! Be polite and attentive towards other participants.
  • Your good mood will make the training enjoyable and effective. Your good mood will influence the others too!
  • In view of safety, children under 14 are not allowed to the gym. On special agreement, young athletes and the children needing physiotherapy visit the gym together with their parent/coach.
  • By coming to the gym or group training, you confirm that you are aware of the principles of Good Practice of the gym and group training halls and you enter at your own responsibility.
  • Feel free to ask the instructor about exercises, the adjustment and use of the training equipment.
  • In the gym, an instructor on duty supervises you at fixed times. The information of the time-schedule is available in the gym, the reception of Sauna Centre and training timetable.
  • Work out in comfortable sport clothes and indoor shoes. Swimming suits, uncovered upper body or outdoor footwear are not acceptrd in Meresuu Sports Club.
  • Please adjust training equipment in accordance with instructions (information is on the training equipment).
  • Please put the training equipment back to its place at the end of training. Please observe that weights or dumb-bells do not hurt anyone or fall on the floor.
  • A visitor of the sports club observes personal hygiene also at the time of workout, it is recommendable to use a towel. When coming to the training, please do not use perfumes.
  • The guests who behave rudely towards other people or objects, are intoxicated or on any other reason contradict the principles of Good Practice are not allowed to stay in the Meresuu group training hall.

Enjoy sport at Meresuu!